Krept & Konan – Young Kingz (iTunes)

Album Name: Krept & Konan – Young Kingz Album Download


Format: Mp3

Size: 130MB  


01. Young Kingz, Pt. 1 (feat. George The Poet)
02. My Story 
03. Other Side (feat. Ari) 
04. Too Young (feat. Yungen) 
05. Young n’ Reckless (feat. Chip)
06. Don’t Waste My Time 
07. M.D.M.A (feat. Gfrsh) 
08. We In Here
09. Number 13 (feat. Yana Toma) 
10. My Name (feat. Yana Toma) 
11. Dancing On the Table 
12. Lord Forgive Me (Interlude)
13. Lord Forgive Me (feat. Tinie Tempah) 
14. Bloodclart (feat. Giggs)
15. Green Street (feat. Fekky) 
16. Nightmares (feat. Siah) 
17. Brothers (feat. Anthony Thomas) 
18. All Eyes On Me 
19. Young Kingz, Pt. 2 (feat. George The Poet) 


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  1. moey says:

    why you man downloading it from here , buy it and show support to proper uk talent

  2. JJ says:

    u need to get timbar - cut from a different cloth on here

  3. Krept says:

    Smh you should be buying the album.

  4. Azbo says:

    You should get shotty Horroh's album on here. Find him on twitter he is from the UK

  5. Harper says:

    When i try to download it say unsuccessfull :/

  6. ghjmbffj says:


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